ABC København er en rettighedsgruppe for folk, der oplever problemer med politi og fængsel i forbindelse med politisk arbejde. Gruppen er en del af det internationale netværk Anarchist Black Cross, som har eksisteret i mere end 100 år. Vi ser fængslet som et repressionsmiddel for den herskende klasse. Vi kæmper for løsladelse af politiske fanger og vi forholder os kritisk til fængselssystemet.

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After just one week the Internationalist Support Fund (ISF) has reached 26% of it’s goal through help and support from comrades around the globe. We are still missing 74% of our goal – which means that we still need further support from you.


In this text we will give all of you an update and give you a little more information about the project.

In the ISF we are extremely thankful for the support we have already received. Times are difficult, and to organize a fundraiser campaign as the virus shutdowns are rendering us unable to make physical fundraising presents some extraordinary challenges. We would like to share our thoughts on why we decided to launch the campaign anyway and we hope new comrades will see our need for support.

The preparations for starting the campaign have been quite long – we have contacted people, groups and networks to connect with them and we have been building up structures around the fund. We would, in many ways, have liked to launch the campaign earlier as we see many urgent needs arising from comrades who have already returned from Rojava and the ones who will soon be returning. But we wanted to have the preparations fully in place before launching.

There were several events planned through which we hoped to spread information and awareness about the campaign. The events would provide us with the physical spaces to break down the limitations of an online fundraiser. Unfortunately all of these events have been postponed indefinitely until the virus threat is at a point, which will allow us to gather physically again. In the meantime we are working hard to connect with groups and people who are able to support the campaign one way or the other in these times.

We have also wanted to clarify a little more what this project is about. 

This campaign has been launched to allow us to set up a fund that can support internationalism – and in this specific case comrades returning from Rojava. 


The situation at the moment is that at lot of comrades are returning to uncertain situations and several have limited or no safety network back home. There are many different needs that a returned comrade might have and we want to help them out with their most essential needs, in cases where their local structures are unable to provide the help. These include, but are not limited to: Expenses for medical issues, living situations, necessary travels, help with therapy, etc. 


Through our networks we are able to communicate with some of the comrades that have already or are in the process of returning. This gives us an insight into the different needs comrades are faced with. That’s why our fund is much more than just trying to cover a specific expense. We are trying to set up a long term structure that will help several returning comrades and hopefully enable us to support the creation and maintenance of further local networks. 

We urge comrades to help us with this campaign, even though times are tough. There are 22 days left of the campaign and we are working hard to reach our goal within that time. We are already in contact with several comrades in need of support, and as soon as the campaign ends, we hope to be able to send a good part of the money to help out these comrades. Furthermore, other comrades will return within the next months, so we are working on ensuring the funds, that will support them immediately after returning.

Status on Internationalist Support Fund
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